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CLOAK OF ALTERING - I diabolus, fallen and vengeful



Started as OPHIUCHUS somewhere in the nineties by Mories - mastermind of the crucially acclaimed ‘Gnaw Their Tongues’.
Inspired by nineties black metal, the aim was to combine black metal with more electronic/avant garde sounds.
Various trips to the studio where made between 1996 and 1998 resulting in the first release 'I am, Thou art, They will'.
This album was never released until 2009 when it was presented as free download on archive.org.
Second album 'Nihilistic Cosmic Concept' contains recordings from the same studio sessions and various home recordings,
being more experimental (lots of electronic/synths/breakbeats) in nature. This album was also put online for free download in 2010.

Around 2004 recording began of a third album, never finished until now.
Building on the foundations laid in 2004, this album was finished over the course of 2009/2010,
inspired by a rediscovering of the first two albums.
The name was changed to 'Cloak of Altering' due to the name Ophiuchus being used by various other bands.
Musically the new album "The night come illuminated with death" combines the early experimentations with early
symphonic black metal and industrial/electronic music to devastating effect. A more powerful, refined production
makes sure the listener can immerse them self in a whirlwind of blastbeats and tremelo picked riffs
awash in a sea of synth/orchestration, violated by dark industrial/electronic sounds, while being surprisingly melodic at times.




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