Excerpt-Odium Irae Involumentum Me, Te Conscientiae Stimulant Maleficiorum

 'Odium Irae Involumentum Me, Te Conscientiae Stimulant Maleficiorum'

A terrifying 37 minute ritual of true Darkness and Evil.
Improvisational in nature, driven purely by Hatred, Disgust and Darkness.
The pounding Death Hammers of Apollyon acompanies the schreeching Hell Harp of Cacodaemon,
unleashing the forces of evil, while the death rasp of Mortifer worship all that is dark.
Think Abruptum and demo-era Necromantia.

EU 8,50 euro (including shipping)


Rest of the world 10 euro (including shipping)

The Icon of Hell was formed as a trinity in 1998 but became active in 2002 with the release
of the Symphonia Corrumptor EP by Macabre Operetta Production run by Mortifer.
The aim of Hell Icon was to create 5 rituals only, consecrated to each point on
the Holy Pentagram and then disband. However, Mortifer soon realised the vast
potential of this beast as he crafted demo´s and albums on his own.

Spiritually, Hell Icon is the manifestation of the members´ occult
and Satanic doctrine. Musically, the members desired to capture
the Evil nature of Black Metal and the sonic
fabric of the Dark Arts. No harmonious balance, but a cthonic
frenzy to summon forth the Powers and release them
unto this plane, never to be sent to their respected realms,
to wreak havoc upon Life itself.

Tension rose when certain unwanted human charactaristics
displayed by the guitarist Cacodaemon forced Mortifer and
Apollyon to part ways with him and continue
(for the time being) as a duo. The skills and evil side of Cacodaemon
are soarly missed, but Hell Icon soon began to craft more spells of ill
intent beyond the Holy Pentagram and the hunger is still not quenched.
Darkness and Evil as forces still drive the Icon of Hell ever onwards.

Not many have encountered this beast as the forces behind
Hell Icon do not feel the necessity of sharing
their malice with the human flock.
It is only due to the endurance of the endarkened
few that Hell Icon is presented here.


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